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My no- shopping resolution 2023

… another assessment of my progress 😉

As you may remember, last summer a colleague and friend of mine and me decided to try not to shop.

My last assessment covered September and October, I believe… 😉 But how did my resolution go afterwards?

In November, I did not buy anything. No clothes, no shoes, no bags, no jackets, … 🙂

In December, I bought one decorative candle holder for myself. I did not need it, I know that. I had not broken another one. I daily walked past it in the shop’s window on my way to school for at least two weeks before I went it and bought it for myself. (and one for one of my closest friends) I just love it 🙂 It is white with a fox on it and cost 14,90 €.

Considering this is the Christmas season, I bought presents…. however, they are not for me and this year I purchased few and mostly consumable ones, like chocolate or something to drink or herbs for cooking. I must say, this Christmas season has been a truly relaxed one. 🙂 For some friends and colleagues, I created handmade Christmas cards… just because 🙂

January has only just begun, and so far I have bought a bag to transport my yoga mat on my bike- never had one, so this is a first buy and useful. Cost 25 €, organic cotton (or so it says on the lotuscrafts website).

I am curious to see how well I do 2023…. 🙂 However, my wallet and I agree that this resolution is awesome.

It frees me to know I have everything I need.


Author: carasmelody

daydreamer, hopelessly hopeful, I love the power of words, I love poems, words are soulfood

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