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Reflecting dreams

Today at school, I discussed the concept of the American dream with students. Our American TA has started this yesterday, and given background; I pushed them to consider if this ideal is still present and valuable today. As a consequence, a discussion about dreams ensued, and about if there is a right or true one. It was fascinating to hear my students share their thoughts, and to answer their personal questions about my dreams. All day phrases and thoughts have been whirling around in my head – hopefully, in theirs, too.

The essence of my inner turmoil? 🙂

Living your life,
choosing your path or
starting a new chapter,
is like an empty paper,
full of possibilities and
inviting you to take chances.

If you have a dream in your head,
the paper is not empty anymore,
the picture of how it is gonna be
has already been drawn, your happiness defined.

If you have values at the core of your life,
the paper can be drawn on step by step,
as the path evolves;
there is space for life to happen and new colours to be added,
an unexpected miracle to be drawn.

♡ You are my miracle.

The feeling I had on my trainride home? The deepest gratitude.

A good one

I feel unprotected
yet not in need of protection

his arms around me are safe

I feel powerless
yet empowered by the way he looks at me

his eyes are open windows

I feel aimless
yet not as if his aims would hurt me

his hands are gentle not demanding

I feel careless
yet cared for by the way he treats me

his oldfashioned chivalry is heartwarming

I feel loose
yet not as if I am lost

his way still lets me be me

If this is a dream,
it is a good one.


Mein Bett hat mich festgehalten
die Decken mich flauschig zum Liegenbleiben verführt
Meine Katze hat sich auf mich gelegt
ihr Schnurren mich zum Weiterschlafen gebracht
Meine Träume waren noch so nah
die Neugierde wie die weitergehen hab ich in mir gespürt

… dann, mit einem Wimpernschlag …
Mein Tatendrang sie auszuleben war da
und ich sprang aus dem Bett und war wach 🙂

A 21st century woman

She wishes for a love that makes her happy
that is good for her
that inspires the best version of her
that makes her feel, and lets her be, truly her

She wishes for a love that lets her be free
that gives her wings
that pushes her to go further
that makes her feel like everything is possible

She wishes for a love that is kind
that is there for her steadily
that stabilizes her when she is unsure
that makes her feel like she is never truly alone

She wishes for a love that is real
that is a part of her life
that has flaws and mistakes like she does
that makes forgiving affectionately easy

She wishes that she will come home one day
for to find that love opening the door for her
and that simple pleasure would make her smile
and walk right in this embrace