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Assessment: my no-shopping resolution

my no-shopping resolution … or how did I do?

It has been about two months, and I thought it might be good to take stock on my zero-shopping intention.

In September, I bought nothing for myself – I did buy wedding gifts for my sister and her husband, and a  birthday present for my dad and my friend. Those I actually do not consider shopping, they were gifts. 🙂
Although I had ordered new dancing shoes (my flat ones are worn out), none convinced me so I am still dancing in the old ones.
In the beginning of the school year, I tried my grey laptop backpack for my daily train ride to school; yet quickly my doubts were confirmed: it was too small for my books, folder, agenda/ booklet for marks, pencil case, lunch box, umbrella and other odds and ends. Consequently, I bought the one I had seen weeks before –  online and with a woman’s day discount in the middle of October (124 Euro) to replace the smaljer one. The new one totally suits my needs and I am happy every day that everything fits in it easily.
I have to say, it felt good to have bought only this one thing – and different, as I had consciously opted for it after trying another option. (metaphorically handing myself flowers for this month)

Later in October, I went on a school trip I had organised – to Florence, Italy. The friend I had made the resolution with in summer gave me a free pass – when on holiday, when in Italy 🙂 Cute, and my heart felt lighter for it. After all, who does not love Italian fashion? However, I tried to stick to the only-things-I-need-to-replace/basics-I-do-not-have-anymore idea as much as possible … with medium success.
Finally, here is what I bought:
– 2 leather belts (rose, brown – new colours for me)
– 1 pair of black flats (at home: 0)
– 1 pair of back sneakers suitable for school (at home: only sporty ones)
– 1 pullover (berry-coloured, new for me too)
– 1 pair of black pants, 7/8 style (at home: 0)
– 1 scarf (O can not deny it, I just looove scarves…)
– 1 wallet (to replace mine ehich is falling apart)
Cost of these items: about 230 Euro.

Last but not least, my husband and me spent the days before Halloween in Dresden. What did I buy here?
1 woolen headband on day 1, coz I was freezing and had not packed one. Cost: 13 Euro.
To sum it up: September started well, as is usual for the first phase of a resolution. 😉 I know I did not stick to the zero- shopping resolution once away from home, yet I feel I am getting better at not buying random stuff just because hey, I am shopping…  and I feel less tempted even. The thought “I have enough of this” frequently popped up when I was browsing.

Therefore, I will try even harder to remember this thought in November and December, even though winter is coming (GOT reference intended).

I have enough.

A no-shopping- resolution

… and its drawbacks and hardships. 😉

A friend and colleague of mine told me her resolution in the summer break: she’d only buy something she does not have, or something she needs to replace, until next year.
Ok, I am in, I said. (we talked about clothes and shoes) I have so many clothes, and shoes, and bags, scarves and jackets, sports clothes, dresses, blouses, cardigans… everything. It will do me good.

That was Tuesday September 6.

Two days later I met a friend for a chat, and afterwards I browsed the shops with my husband – 0 purchases on my side, many on his. That was easy.

Three days later I brought earrings to be repaired in town and browsed a bit for a large backpack I had yearned for for some time, by Kapton & Son.
Since this school year I’ll be travelling by train to and from school, I need a backpack large enough for all my books and notes, pencil case and lunch box and water bottle. (feeling like a student)
While browsing, I remembered a backpack at home my dad had once given me – actually, a laptop backpack, but quite large. Shoot, I thought.
Plans to buy a backpack: abandoned.

At least until I have tried the one I already have for several days to see if it suits my needs. Or until the one I have needs to be replaced after having been destroyed beyond repair (no scenario comes to mind, duh…).

The project seems to be harder than I thought. Shall check how my friend is doing. 🙂